Searching for Pizza in Palm Beach Gardens?

Palma Pizza has brought pizza in Palm Beach Gardens to a new level with their "homemade" ingredients. Everything is made from scratch with recipes that have been perfected over years of hard work. They offer both delivery and dining in. Palm makes three kinds of pizza to accommodate the multitude of tastes. One of the most popular requests is for an NY style pizza, which NYC natives have called "impressive." Check out their listing on South Florida Review or call (561) 622-8847. Many others like a thicker crust on their pizza and Palma has perfected the age-old Sicilian style pizza. A chef in the restaurant today from Sicily who ate one, “This is just like my grandmother makes!” Chicago and Mid-West natives that are looking for deep-dish Chicago pizzas won't be let down at Palma's. They have spent many cold nights in the Windy City to get the know-how on getting your pizza just the way Mid-Westerners like it. One of the most popular pizza's is the Palma Pizza. It…
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