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Jupiter parents issue warning about magnetic toys

JUPITER, Fla. - You may have seen magnetic balls in someone’s home or even received one as a holiday present.

They are mainly marketed to adults but children can easily grab them and accidentally swallow one or more.

One Jupiter family could have lost their son and they have a warning to other parents about the toys.

The Mariner family had a very busy holiday, starting with the Friday before Christmas when one-year-old Colt had the special opportunity to meet and be held by President Donald Trump at the airport -- but that night, things quickly changed.

“He had the best and potentially worst day of his two-year life," said Jason Mariner, Colt's father.

His parents had no idea that Colt accidentally swallowed toy magnetic balls.

"It was truly the scariest thing that we’ve ever been through," said Charlene Mariner…

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RevitalIV: High demand for immune-boosting IV treatment this flu season

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - With such an active flu season, many people are looking for any way they can to avoid getting sick.

One local wellness center says it is seeing more calls for its immune-boosting IV treatments.

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RevitalIV is based in Jupiter and West Palm Beach but also has a mobile van that will come to you to perform hydration therapy.

While the company offers many different IV treatments, they say right now they are seeing a big increase in calls for the "Rev" immune-boosting treatment.

Nurse practitioner Whitney Brown says the effects of the treatment will last about a week. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the full IV treatment to get into your system. She says it will help anyone feeling rundown or starting to …

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Loxahatchee Day Spa Brings World Class Treatments Local

SkinRx, the beauty specialist in the Loxahatchee and Royal Palm Beach area, has announced that it can provide local customers with facials, chemical peels, waxing and more. The company has been licensed for 15 years, and the owner grew up in a beauty salon. Jordana Lewis works closely with doctors, and has run over 500 workshops with a special focus on the biology of skin. It’s this special link that separates SkinRx from the competition in the local area, and customers can rest safe in the knowledge that they’re getting a high quality service. The site explains that customers can enjoy an intimate and personal environment for their skin to be analyzed and diagnosed. SkinRx is the prescription for more beautiful skin, and can help local residents with a wide range of health and beauty treatments to increase the skin’s innate intuition of vitality and healing. Many of the skin care products provided by SkinRx promote faster healing due to rapid absorption, increasin…
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