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Pre-K sweethearts who reunited 30 years later welcome baby boy after 3 miscarriages

Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders first met at Sunshine Preschool in St. Petersburg, Florida, when they were 3 years old. They liked chasing each other on the playground, playing with Legos, and sitting together at lunch. The young sweethearts were totally inseparable.

Courtesy Amy Giberson

Amy and Justin in elementary school

But as first loves tend to do, they drifted apart. They went to different elementary schools and eventually forgot about each other. That is until they matched on a dating site 30 years later, fell in love all over again, and said "I do" in a dream-come-true wedding in 2016.

The fairytale romance didn't stop there. At 4:35 p.m. on June 5, they welcomed their first baby together, a "breathtakingly beautiful" boy named Conrad.

"The stars really had to align for everything to happen," Amy, 35, tells "It'…

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Frightening viral video shows toddler climbing pool’s locked safety ladder​


Of all the dangers of a new family pool, this locked ladder was last on the list.

“When we put the padlock on it, I felt secure. I had the warm, fuzzy feeling inside,” Keith Wyman said. “This came with the package that we purchased so it was perfect. I thought we were good.”

Until 2-year-old Cody climbed to the top of the closed and secured ladder. Video shows the toddler wedging his tiny feet into the gate’s open slats before his mother grabbed him off the top of the ladder.

“Cody was no more than four feet away from me,” Wyman said. “I turned away for one second, and when I turned away, he was already halfway up it.”

The video was posted on social media and sparked outcry from around the world with parents equally worried about the widely-sold product.

“I think if this was one flat all the way up, (Cody) wouldn’t have been able to climb that,” Wyman said.

The family is taking their worry to the m…

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