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Beaded bracelets made by Jupiter girl with Lyme disease stolen

Alyssa Maiste is an eighth-grader from Jupiter who suffers every day with Lyme disease. Despite her physical pain, she decided to make simple bracelets to send to other kids with the disease.

Instead, her mother Tiffany Maiste said someone sliced open the envelopes and stole them.

Maiste said she poured her heart into her daughter's bracelet-making project. "To have to tell her when she was so excited to hear about how these people loved these bracelets. To have to tell her that the envelopes were slit and things stolen, it was hard to see her face. and to see a little bit of that hope go away." 

Alyssa lives in chronic pain because of Lyme disease and depends on a wheelchair to get around. She finds joy in bracelets. She said she's made at least 50 by now.

"It makes me happy because I’m not able to do sports, so this is th…

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Luz Arely Lopez-Ramos: 17-year-old missing from Jupiter home

The Jupiter Police are asking for the public to help locate a missing 17-year-old girl who they say ran away from home in the middle of the night on Nov. 23.

Luz Arely Lopez-Ramos is described as standing 5-foot-4 to 5-foot-5, weighing approximately 130 lbs. and has black hair with blonde highlights.

Anyone who has information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Jupiter Police Department at (561) 746-6201.

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Scientists at Scripps Research Institute working on “Functional Cure” for HIV

JUPITER, Fla. - Sandra Anderson's decades long battle with AIDS has had it's ups and downs, but she's gotten the upper-hand.

My current status is undetectable, and my CD4 is over 1200,” she says. “I’m happy, I'm healthy, I'm fulfilled, and I'm free.”

Her story is one of many showing that a diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

“You can thrive with this, because of the medication, because of the new advancements.”

Some of those advancements are going on right here in our backyard.

Over at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, scientists have made a major breakthrough in the last few weeks when it comes to HIV - which over time develops into AIDS.

“We have developed molecules that will put the virus in a state of profound coma,” says Dr. Susana Valente. 

The drug, when tested in mice, essentially put…

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