Police find bodies believed to be man’s missing wife, daughters

Authorities on Thursday discovered three bodies they believe to be a missing Colorado woman and her two young daughters, officials said. Police are working to confirm their identities.

Shanann Watts, who was 15 weeks pregnant, was reported missing Monday along with her two daughters, Bella, 3, and Celeste, 4. Her husband, Chris Watts, was taken into custody Wednesday night and is being held in the Weld County Jail, north of Denver, the Frederick Police Department said in a statement.

"At this point we have been able to recover a body that we're quite certain is Shanann Watts' body," Colorado Bureau of Investigation Director John Camper told reporters Thursday.

The same day, Frederick Police said they believed they found the bodies of Bella and Celeste.

"High ranking sources" told The Denver Channel that the bodies of Chris Watts’ daughters were found inside oil and gas tanks that “were mostly full." The sources said the bodies were …

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Hiker lost on Mount St. Helens for nearly a week survived by eating bees and berries

An Ohio man who was missing on Mount St. Helens was found Wednesday on a flank of the peak nearly a week after he set out on a day hike and survived by eating berries and bees, authorities and the man’s relatives said.

Matthew B. Matheny, 40, of Warren, Ohio, was in good condition, talking and did not appear to have suffered life-threatening injuries but was flown to a hospital to spend the night as a precaution, the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

His parents told reporters outside the Vancouver, Washington, hospital that he was being treated for dehydration and would stay overnight, adding that he ate berries and killed bees that he also ate.

Matheny, 40, was not familiar with the terrain, got lost and had not seen anyone since Aug. 9, they said.

Friends last saw Matheny when he borrowed a car and headed to Blue Lake Trail on the southwest side of St. Helens. They reported him missing after he failed to return,…

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Mall’s fad food item tears up man’s mouth, leaves him in pain, unable to eat


(Related video above on this page.)

A South Carolina man says a fad food sold at a mall kiosk left his mouth seriously injured, full of blood and prevented him from eating normally for several weeks.

Russell Mattison Jr., of Anderson, said he bought Dragon Breath, a frozen dessert made from cereal that has been dipped in liquid nitrogen, on April 29 from a mall kiosk. He said he was given no warnings or instructions and he was not asked to sign a waiver.

Mattison said he planned to eat the Dragon Breath while recording a short video for SnapChat, but when he put one piece in his mouth, he “experienced sudden and intense pain in his mouth” and “discovered his mouth was filled with blood from an ulceration to the inside of his cheek.

Mattison’s lawsuit, which names the mall, its owner and the kiosk operators and owners as defendants, claims Mattison suffered severe pain for weeks as his mouth continued to bleed…

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Crash outside UK parliament being treated as terror incident

LONDON, England —

A man was arrested Tuesday morning after his car crashed into a security barrier outside the UK Houses of Parliament in central London.

A number of pedestrians were injured and police remain at the scene, London's Metropolitan Police said in a tweet.

At 0737hrs today, a car was in collision with barriers outside the Houses of Parliament. The male driver of the car was detained by officers at the scene. A number of pedestrians have been injured. Officers remain at the scene. We will issue further info when we have it.

— Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) August 14, 2018

At this stage, officers do not believe that any victims sustained life-threatening injuries.

At this stage, officers do not believe that anybody is in a life-threatening condition. Cordons are in place to assist the investigation. Westminster tube station is closed.

— Metropolitan …
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Driver finds boa constrictor under hood of car while checking fluids


It’s probably the last hiss you expect to find under the hood, but one Massachusetts driver made a jaw-dropping discovery Saturday morning.

Stoughton police said someone was trying to check the fluids of their car when to their surprise, a pop of the hood revealed a boa constrictor, one of the largest snakes in the world.

Joe Reed said he went to throw away some trash Friday night when he found the snake on top of the trash cans. He had no idea he'd come face-to-face with it again, this time under his hood.

"He was just laying right there again," Reed said. "(I) didn't realize him at first and then it scared me again. He got me twice."

Reed has no idea where the snake came from and said he asked his neighbors if they had any idea before being shaken twice by the snake.

"Me and one of the officers kind of like wrangled it out of the engine because it went to crawl down on in," Reed said. "One cop grabbed i…

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