All of South Florida has been touched by the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 dead.  We are now learning that an armed deputy, Deputy Scott Peterson, was at the building where the shooting when it was taking place, but didn’t go in to help the kids!

According to Sheriff Israel, video evidence implied that Peterson remained out for four minutes. The entire mass shooting lasted an estimated six minutes, Israel stated.

sheriff israel

“Scott Peterson was absolutely on campus through this entire event,” Israel said. “He had been armed, he was in uniform. After seeing movie, witness statements.”

Peterson resigned on Thursday and is going to be eligible for retirement after his resignation.

Even more frustrating is that the Broward Sheriff’s office visited Nikolas Cruz and his family several times BEFORE the shooting.  The FBI had been alerted about Cruz bragging about being a “school shooter.”  The Broward Sheriff Office was aware of all this.

The deaths at the Stoneman Douglas High School could have been prevent or minimized if the Broward Sheriff’s office had been doing it job of protecting citizens in Broward County.  This all stems from a lack of leadership and professionalism from Sheriff Israel.

Sheriff Israel needs to resign.   Broward County citizens deserve to be protected and served.



By staff

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