Some of the fondest memories of Mike and Pat O’Brien when they lived in Pennsylvania were to stop at their neighborhood bagel shop each Sunday with their six boys and grab breakfast and bagels for the week. After being an accountant for over 25 years for Mike, and Pat a school teacher and former waitress- they decided to open their first business together. They wanted to choose a business that their children and future grandchildren could be a part of. Somewhere that the family could meet, and eat together each week, and where the whole community could do the same. What better place to choose than the same place they had built their own memories years ago- a bagel shop.

Quality, community, and family are the cornerstones of Bagel Boyz. We make our bagels from scratch, and boil and bake them for that New York style bagel to make our seasonal guests feel at home, and our locals enjoying that New York taste in their own back yards. Our attention to quality is why we have been voted Best Bagel in Palm Beach county by multiple publications. Whether you’re visiting us, or we’re catering a special event for you- at Bagel Boyz you can always expect fast service and fresh food with a smile.

If you frequent our restaurant you’ll often see many familiar faces behind the counter, and patronizing our store- we pride ourselves in the fact that many of our regulars have been eating at our restaurant for over a decade. It’s not uncommon to stop by Bagel Boyz and see an owner pull up a chair and chat with our guests over breakfast or lunch, because Bagel Boyz is more than just bagels, and our customers are more than just customers…you’re family!


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    Holiday gift certificates
    By DGallagher - December 17, 2017

    Second year in a row… It is 12 days before Christmas. Bagel Boyz is out of gift certificates. Won’t be trying gain next year. Bagel Boyz get it together!

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