Jury deliberates in Jupiter hate crime suspect accused of killing Guatemalan man trial

Onesimo Marcelino Lopez-Ramos’ face looked like he came out of a boxing match, beaten and swollen with his eyes still open, according to a Jupiter Police officer that found his body.

Prosecutors say Lopez-Ramos, 18, was killed by three men targeting Guatemalan people they were looking to rob in Jupiter in 2015.  

David Harris is the first of the three suspects to stand trial for Lopez-Ramos’s death, charged with first-degree murder while committing a hate crime. After five days of testimony, a Palm Beach County jury is now deliberating whether the killing was in cold-blood or was justified. 

"David Harris swung that axe one time. He did not kill Oneismo,” said Franklin Prince, Harris’ attorney.” Harris maintains the victim swung a pipe at him and Harris hit him with an axe in self-defence. Harris is blaming his co-defendant, Aust…

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South Florida hospitals deal with nursing shortage

We know nurses have tough jobs and are always in demand. Now, new labor numbers show our country needs more than one million nurses in the next four years to keep up. 

We spoke to hospitals across South Florida to find out what they are doing to recruit and retain the best of the best when it comes to nurses. 

Most hospitals offer some type of tuition reimbursement and/or loan forgiveness for nurses.

Broward Health offers signing bonuses up to $15,000 for specialty areas. Boca Raton Regional Hospital also offers signing bonuses in that range for specialties, and will also offer relocation assistance for nurses from out of state.

At Bethesda Hospital in Boynton Beach, nurses can receive signing bonuses for specialty areas, and on-site childcare available to all employees. They also offer a nurse residency program for new nur…

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ReversaTatt: New technology helping people eliminate unwanted tattoos

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - With a growing number of Americans getting tattoos, there is also a larger number getting them removed. 

New technology is allowing the process to be more complete with less scarring and blistering.  In some ways, users believe it can undo bad choices.

A recent Harris Poll shows tattoos are particularly prevalent among younger generations. About half of millennials and a third of Gen Xers say they have at least one, compared to just 13 percent of Baby Boomers. 

One in eight millennials have regrets about at least one tattoo. The men who own and run "ReversaTatt" David Cope and Wesley Henderson, say they are helping people erase those regrets, one laser session at a time.

When a person gets a tattoo, it's a memory of the start of a chapter in life.  They can remember the whole experience of choosing…

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Fundraising efforts clouded by another tragedy

JUPITER, Fla. - For months, dozens of students from Jupiter High School worked to plan a fundraiser to support the people at Stoneman Douglas. 

For the students, February 14 is a day they can't forget.

"It hit super close to home," Gabriela Young said. 

17 people were gunned down at Stoneman Douglas High School. The day of the shooting, Young and Josie Lesser made a promise to try to change the story. 

"This is where we are supposed to make connections with people and learn and shouldn't be where we are scared to go to school," Young said. 

So, the Jupiter High School juniors started a club called 'Stoneman Strong.' They held their first major fundraising event for gun violence prevention and mental health awareness onFriday. 

But before the event, students learned of the 10 people killed at a high school in San…

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Crashes keep piling up at dangerous Jupiter intersection, 1 year till county constructs roundabout

JUPITER, Fla. -- There is no immediate relief in sight for drivers who must cross a dangerous intersection in Jupiter. There have been more than 25 crashes at University and Central Boulevards in the last year. The town of Jupiter says its hands are tied; it's a county road. Palm Beach County put up flags to alert drivers that there are stop signs if you're going east and west, but people say that's just not enough. 

Seeing crashes outside of his apartment complex no longer shocks Brian Dooley. 

"In the last three months, I've come home twice now to where the intersection has been blocked," said Dooley. 

The intersection of University Boulevard and Central Boulevard is a heavily traveled one, lodged between a residential area and Roger Dean Stadium. 

"Really, we walk around the community because it's part of living at the S…

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