Why Us (Hint…Great Deals)

We created SouthFloridaReview.com for people that love deals. As a kid, I grew up looking for “deals” on quality products and service.

Unfortunately, we are bombarded with advertising today, and this doesn’t always mean a deal. Nearly everywhere you look, there is some form of advertisement.

The problem starts when you start trying to find a local deal. Say you want to try a new restaurant for lunch. Doing an Internet search will pull up ads for stuff you want, and most likely more you don’t want (like skin tag solutions…lol)

There are sites like Groupon but are limited because a lot of companies don’t want to grossly discount something and then have Groupon hold their money for months.

At SouthFloridaReview.com, companies can list their business for FREE. If they want to be listed first or on the front page, then they pay a small fee.  That is it. This allows them to offer real deals to our subscribers.

We think SouthFloridaReview.com is “win win” because:

  1. Our subscribers get a “real deal.”
  2. The business gets a new customer!

We are always looking for new businesses and great deals. Please feel free to contact SouthFloridaReview.com to have us add a local business deal.