Hiker digs up 1,000-year-old iron weapon

A hiker traversing mountainous Norway made an astonishing find by chance: a 4.6-inch arrowhead that possibly dates back 1,000 years to the Iron Age. Hordaland County, home of the Store Ishaug mountain where the blade was uncovered, announced the discovery.A local man named Ernst Hagen dug up the blade near his cabin. "In the nice weather in mid-September I went for a walk and discovered one arrow point just beside a snowflake," he said on the county's website. "I immediately realized that it was something special, something even before they used rifles." Store Ishaug, which has an elevation of 4,869 feet, isn't a typical hot spot for ancient artifacts. However, local experts point toward an unlikely source responsible for the discovery: climate change."This is an unusual finding and a bit of a hit," archaeologist Tore Slinning told Hordaland's site. "It's like finding the needles in the haystack. Fundamental climate change melts and forms and such discoveries may emerg…

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