‘No Electronics Week’ at Jupiter school teaches core values to kids, parents

JUPITER, Fla. - Many of you reading this article probably have a smart phone or tablet sitting right next to you at this very moment.

Research shows that by age two, 90 percent of children know how to use a tablet. Studies also show that kids eight and younger spend more time on their screens than they do reading.

But a school in Jupiter is trying out a new trick to prevent kids from getting addicted to technology.

Tree Top Academy has been exercising a 'No Electronics Week' for its students.

Kids, teachers and their parents pledged to turn off the TVs and put their phones down for five days straight this week.

We caught up with the kids on Thursday as they entered day four of absolutely no electronics both at school and at home.

“We noticed that every year, children’s fine motor skills like writing were decreas…

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