Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter sues over property tax bill

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump says the Trump National Golf Club in Florida is worth more than $50 million.

Palm Beach County Property Tax Appraiser Dorothy Jacks disagrees, saying the Jupiter course, where Trump plays when he visits nearby Mar-a-Lago, is actually worth much less — $19 million.

But in a twist, Trump's lawyers are now suing Jacks, saying her estimate and the nearly $400,000 property tax bill it generates are too high, even if her appraisal is only 40 percent of what the president listed in his 2017 financial disclosure form.

Trump's company, Jupiter Golf LLC, doesn't say in the lawsuit how much it thinks the course is currently worth, but it sent the county nearly $300,000 as a good-faith estimate of what it believes the tax bill should be. That would make the course worth $15 million.


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New tax plan makes Florida even greater tax haven

Florida -

Florida’s tax haven status grew even stronger after the tax reform bill passed.

So much so, a local real estate agent and financial planner are seeing an impact already on people moving here.

Florida’s Chamber of Commerce even used it in a pitch.

Holly Meyer Lucas, a Jupiter-based relator and president of Meyer Lucas Real Estate at Compass says, when the new tax bill passed, the reaction was immediate.

“We have seen an extreme interest in people who are looking to move to South Florida for state income tax reasons,” Holly said in an interview.

She says she has 12 buyers right now who are serious about making the move to…

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