How a stray cat led to a small town scandal

The Sgt. Butters saga: How a stray cat led to a small town scandal

Small town scandal causes controversy

Updated: 2:02 PM EST Nov 20, 2019

A town in South Carolina is in a bit of an uproar, or perhaps an up-meow, after a feline police officer lost his job. One day in 2018, Sargent Butters wandered into the Mocksville Police Department. A Facebook page was created in the cat's name, but would end up causing quite the controversy when some members of the community felt a cat should not be the "face" of the police department. Watch the cattastrophe above to see why this cat was the talk of the town.So much of today‚Äôs news emanates from New York, Washington or Los Angeles, but what we know is that amazing, authentic and genuine stories are being told around the country every day. Each week "Dispatches from the Middle," which originally…

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