Hurricane Harvey: Could it happen in Palm Beach County?

(By Kimberly Miller - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer) South Florida’s water managers watched the rain pile up in southeast Texas with the same horror as the rest of the nation, but with a heightened anxiety that comes in knowing the limitations of the state’s own flood control system. Despite decades of environmental manipulation to corral, channel and pump water away from developed areas, if 30-plus inches of rain fell steadily over several thousand square miles of South Florida, it would be under water — several feet under water. “You get three feet of rain in that magnitude over that amount of area, you are going to have three feet of water everywhere,” said Tommy Strowd, director of operations for the Lake Worth Drainage District. “Houston is hard to look at. It’s the kind of thing that keeps you up at night.” Areas of southeast Texas received a record 52 inches of rain over a roughly 72-hour span during Hurricane Harvey’s extended stall over the state. If Sou…
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