Breaking News: Dog Killed By Bee Attack

The scrapes on the French doors that lead to Debbie Leonard's Boca Raton backyard and the slew of dead bees scattered on the ground are harsh reminders of something dog owners fear, but rarely expect. "My children will not go in the backyard anymore," said Leonard, a regional Realtor. That is where her 7-year-old dog Delilah was viciously swarmed by bees while roaming the backyard Wednesday. The dog died a day later. There were so many bees, Leonard said, that her kids, 15 and 19, feared opening the doors to the backyard when the pup attempted to scratch her way in. "She attempted to hide," Leonard explained. They were insistent." She hadn't had any issues with bees until this episode. Most probably the bees were "Africanized" -- a phrase that describes an aggressive strain of bee more likely to be agitated quickly and much more competitive in reaction than their more docile European counterparts. Leonard was at work once the attack happened. However, her kids and a fa…
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