Mother of Waffle House shooting survivor buys wedding dress for waitress that helped her son

A mother of one of the people that survived the fatal Waffle House shooting in Antioch, Tennessee, in March reached out to a woman that possibly saved her son’s life and gave the bride-to-be the gift of a lifetime.

WZTV in Nashville reported that Michael Garth Sr. was sitting at the bar area of the restaurant when the waitress asked that they move because she was cleaning dishes and didn’t want the water to splash on them. Garth said he and his friend were a little frustrated but moved to a table that was closer to the bathroom.

As Garth said, this change might have been a life-saving decision.

When the shooter entered the restaurant, Garth and his friend were able to hide under the table they had chosen. Later they crawled to the bathrooms and kitchen door waiting for someone in the back to let them in as local hero James Shaw Jr. "rushed the gunman, actually wrestled the assault rifle away and tossed it over the counter."


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STRmix: New DNA technology helped detectives make 2nd arrest in Jupiter triple homicide case

JUPITER, Fla. - Monday marks the one-year anniversary of a Jupiter shooting that took the lives of three young adults.

On Feb. 5, 2017, Sean Henry, 26, Brandi El-Salhy, 24, and 20-year-old Kelli Doherty were shot to death during a Super Bowl party on Mohawk Street on Mohawk Street.

Since then the fatal shootings, Jupiter police have successfully arrested and charged two men in the case.

Christopher Vasata was arrested in March while Marcus Steward was arrested in November.

Investigators said steward’s arrest was made in part thanks to newly-acquired DNA analysis technology.

Police said they found Vasata the night of the shooting not too far from the scene being dropped off by a BMW.

Vasata had been shot twice and was rushed to the hospital. 

Police also discovered one of the victim’s cars had been s…

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