Need Groceries or Have an Errand in Jupiter? – Call the Errand Bunnies

Who do you call when you have an elderly relative that is homebound and needs groceries? If you live in Jupiter or Tequesta, you can call Errand Bunnies. They help people by saving them time and providing errand running for the low cost of just $29.99/hour or $10 if the job takes 20 minutes or less. Recently we sat down with Lexi Stuart, 21, co-owner and co-founder of Errand Bunnies.  She started “Errand Bunnies” in July with her best friend Eugenia Gonzalez, 20, after having a hard time finding someone to help Lexi’s grandmother. After a little research, Lexi and Eugenia saw an even larger need for someone to help run basic errands. They then pitched the business idea to their family, who responded by helping them get started. They bought two matching Chevrolet Sparks and wrapped them with their trademarked bright pink logos. Next, they visited offices and businesses, dropping off business cards and flyers. The Errand Bunnies have been positively received an…
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