Delray considers banning retail sale of dogs, cats in pet stores – Sun Sentinel

Local cities such as Palm Beach Gardens and Sunrise passed rule changes, which were challenged in court by local pet stores. In both lawsuits, the court sided with the city and ruled the ordinances were constitutional. The idea to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats in the city was first proposed in April 2014. Commissioners began the process to implement a rule change in June 2014, but postponed adopting the rule in July. The delay came after the city's legal team asked to review the proposed law to make sure if it was constitutional. Pet stores in the city currently selling non-rescue dogs and cats will have six months to comply with the new rule. The stores selling animals must post a certificate that provides a description of the cat or dog proving it is from a shelter or rescue operation. The rule is aimed at curbing the practice of pet stores selling animals that come from so-called puppy and #kitten mills, where animals are bred in substandard conditions. It is also …
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