Daughter accused of beating mom to death after learning she was left out of will


A Florida woman is accused of beating her 85-year-old mother to death after learning she wouldn’t be receiving an inheritance from her.

After Luisa Perero died from her injuries, police charged her daughter Gabriela Perero, 53, with premeditated murder and aggravated battery on a person over 65. She was denied bond on Monday.

Gabriela Perero told investigators she’d become enraged after learning that her siblings would receive an inheritance and she would not, even though she’d been taking care of their mother, the SunSentinel reported .

According to an arrest report, Perero told her mother, “You destroyed my life, so I’m going to destroy you.” Perero told detectives she pushed her mother to the floor on July 12, grabbed her by the arms and “ripped her skin off.” She said she also grabbed the woman’s neck with both hands and squeezed, the report said.

Then she cleaned her mother, put her in bed and called 911,…

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Teens who laughed, recorded man’s drowning death won’t be charged

COCOA, Fla. —

Five teenagers who were charged with a crime for failing to help a drowning man last year will not be charged.

The drowning, captured on phone video, shocked Central Florida and sparked debate in the state Legislature.

The state decided not to prosecute because there is no law against what the teenagers did.

Police said the teens were sitting on the bank when a man walked into the water and went under.

"We're not gonna help your (expletive). Shouldn't have got in. Let him drown. What the heck," the teens could be heard yelling on the cellphone footage.

Jamel Dunn, 31, was disturbed about something as he went deeper and deeper into the water last July.

Police said the five teenagers who were looking on sounded uncaring as he drowned. Dunn was engaged to Rondanielle Williams.

"It broke my heart for someone to just sit there, of age to know if someone needs help. They're crying out for help in the video, …

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Jupiter triple homicide suspect asks judge to declare FL death penalty law unconstitutional

JUPITER, Fla. - One of the suspects accused in the Jupiter triple homicide from Super Bowl Sunday night last year

is asking a Palm Beach County judge to declare Florida’s death penalty law unconstitutional.

Prosecutors have already announced they intend to seek the death penalty against

Christopher Vasata who faces three counts of first degree murder.

Vasata was the first suspect arrested and charged with the murders of Sean Henry, 26, Brandi El-Salhy, 24, and 20-year-old Kelli Doherty. All three were gunned down at a 2017 Super Bowl party on Mohawk Street in Jupiter.

Vasata was also injured in the shooting, and reportedly confessed to the killings from his hospital bed, but later denied his responsibility.  

Early on, prosecutors filed their notice of intent to seek the death penalty.

Now, his defense att…

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