13 people saved from sinking yacht off Broward; what caused sinking unknown – Sun Sentinel

"The vessel was already listing about 15 degrees to the port side and every subsequent roll it would settle deeper and deeper into the water," Morgan said. "The stern of the vessel was under and we just observed it getting worse. The condition kept deteriorating and in such a rapid fashion."   Using an infrared camera, the U.S. #Coast Guard captured dramatic video of the vessel listing before it slipped below the dark, choppy surface in a puff of smoke.   The 4-year-old custom-built yacht sank in about 1,200 feet of "deep, unrecoverable water," where it will remain, said Sea Tow Capt. Tim Morgan. He estimated the vessel's value at $10 million to $15 million.   Six passengers — including registered owner Richard Paul Matheson of Brazil — six crew members and the captain were rescued without injury by the U.S. Coast Guard and taken to its Miami Beach base aboard a cutter. The yacht's port of call was listed as Rio de Janeiro.   On a moonless night amid…
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