Little boy’s life celebrated through a book about ‘Dirty, Stupid, Cancer!’

Little boy's life celebrated through a book about 'Dirty, Stupid, Cancer!'

Children's book celebrates little boy's life

Updated: 2:51 PM EDT Sep 25, 2019

Garrett Matthias was a fun-loving little boy who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer in 2018. His obituary, which he had written himself, went viral. It celebrated his short life through jokes and touching sentiments only a child could come up with. Now, Garrett's story lives on through a children's book, "Dirty, Stupid, Cancer!"So much of today‚Äôs news emanates from New York, Washington or Los Angeles, but what we know is that amazing, authentic and genuine stories are being told around the country every day. Each week "Dispatches from the Middle," which originally aired on Facebook Watch, takes a deep dive into one powerful local news story and gets a behind-the-broadcast lo…

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