Boynton Beach News: Local Girl Slams French Open

According to Boynton Beach news, Leylah Annie Fernandez shouted in joy and moved her arm after she had won Roland Garros Junior crown on Saturday after defeating Emma Navarro in the straight set.

It was a great signature moment for her who is 16 years old Boynton Beach resident and whose native place was Montreal. She is the first Canadian girl who won 6-3, 6-2 and had got the title. She spoke to the media on Sunday morning and said that after the last point, she was literally thanking God for all that it happened.

She wasn’t that familiar in Palm Beach country tennis circles as lefty starlet was ranked among the top 6 girls in the world and didn’t grow in South Florida.

In April 2018, Fernandez along with her parents and one of her two sisters had moved to Boynton. The city has a wealth of tennis courts just close to the beach.

Leylah was home schooled and would visit…

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