Bagel Boyz Expands Menu – Editors Pick

There is one place that comes to mind when I want a bagel sandwich - Bagel Boyz, located in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. For over 14 years they have made more than 20 varieties of fresh bagels with sumptuous toppings for breakfast and lunch.  Their lunch sandwiches have over a half pound of freshly cook meat.  Everything is fresh and made to order. This causes them to break over 40,000 eggs by hand each month! Bagel Boyz have released their holiday menu. The Yom Kippur holiday menu is so delicious that Bagel Boyz in Jupiter have made the Editor's Pick on the South Florida Review, a digital media group who promote local business. Memorable, this year's holiday menu includes bagels, appetizers, soups, complete dinners, smoked fish and desserts. Made to order, this meal is sure to delight even the most fastidious of eaters. Recently released, the ordered and customized Yom Kippur Holiday Menu caters to individual tastes. Included in the menu is a smoked fish platter f…
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