With the holiday season approaching, are you looking for a boutique in the Jupiter/Tequesta area with reasonable prices and staff that is caring and friendly? Look no further than Bala Boutique. Bala Boutique is located in Tequesta, Florida at 354 Cypress Drive, Sweet 1, 33469. This boutique has been in operation for three years and currently has two eco-friendly locations. We sat down with the marketing manager, Jennifer Johansen, who has been with the organization since June of this year.

“She was very passionate about a women driven market” Jennifer explains, as she speaks proudly about the owner, Donna Barnette. Jennifer’s pull towards the organization appears to be about something bigger than basic employment. Instead, it has to do with organizational culture and shared values she had with the owner of the Bala Boutique.

“She loves giving back, we don’t necessarily profit on the things that we sell” says Jennifer, who has over ten years of experience under her belt working in marketing. This open and relatable approach feels fresh, and draws in customers of all ages. It also ensures that unlike some boutiques, Bala Boutique stays busy year round, not just seasonally.

Donna Barnette, who loves to support local businesses, also takes pride in philanthropy. She partners with multiple local charities. Upon entering Bala Boutique, you can expect a greeting from a warm staff who are fashion forward, and while friendly, also take pride in honesty. One of the ways Barnette, owner of the boutique, keeps her staff inspired is with a five-word mantra that serves as a reminder for perspective; Face, Energy, Mindfulness, Concentration, and Wisdom.

With these characteristics on display, it is not difficult to imagine that this boutique, which specializes in apparel, places a large emphasis on what they are offering to the community. The amicable staff are not the only ones you can expect a welcome from at Bala Boutique. Customers entering Bala Boutique can also expect a welcome from Minnie and Max, who are both local rescues.

Bala boutique LOGO

Balaboutique LOGO

In addition to the two current locations, Bala boutique continues to expand. They are in the process of opening a third store, and are likely targeting the Juno Beach area to compliment existing locations in Tequesta and North Palm Beach. Sales and promotions are regular occurrences at Bala boutique. They vary every week to keep things new and exciting.

Make sure and make the time to see for yourself. Their hours are Monday-Friday, 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and Saturdays from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  Click here to visit BelaBoutique‘s page on SouthFloridaReview.


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