There is one place that comes to mind when I want a bagel sandwich – Bagel Boyz, located in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. For over 14 years they have made more than 20 varieties of fresh bagels with sumptuous toppings for breakfast and lunch.  Their lunch sandwiches have over a half pound of freshly cook meat.  Everything is fresh and made to order. This causes them to break over 40,000 eggs by hand each month!

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Bagel Boyz have released their holiday menu. The Yom Kippur holiday menu is so delicious that Bagel Boyz in Jupiter have made the Editor’s Pick on the South Florida Review, a digital media group who promote local business. Memorable, this year’s holiday menu includes bagels, appetizers, soups, complete dinners, smoked fish and desserts. Made to order, this meal is sure to delight even the most fastidious of eaters.

Recently released, the ordered and customized Yom Kippur Holiday Menu caters to individual tastes. Included in the menu is a smoked fish platter for 5 or more people, a complete dinner for 5 people, a la carte selections, sides and desserts.

The Holiday Menu smoked fish platter comes complete with nova, whitefish and baked salmon, cucumbers, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, olive and capers. Other inclusions are coleslaw, eggs, bagels, cream and cheese. On the other hand, the complete dinner is a feast with potato pancakes, soup, mixed greens, roast chicken, beef and baked salmon, potatoes, veggies and fresh dinner rolls. Topped off with homemade pudding, macaroons and cookies.

The Holiday Menu a la carte selection includes salmon, whitefish salad, egg salad, grilled salmon, brisket and roast chicken. Sides choices see potato pancakes, chopped liver, fresh fruit salad and soup on offer, with desserts such as chocolate macaroons, freshly baked cookies and bread pudding tickling the taste buds.

Mike and Pat O’Brien loved bagels, so the accountant and school teacher decided to open a bagel shop together and Bagel Boyz began. As such, quality, community and family are the cornerstone of the business. Made from scratch, all bagels enable locals to enjoy that New York styled bagel fresh in their own back yard.

When asked about Bagel Boyz, a spokesperson for the company said, “If you frequent our restaurants you’ll often see many familiar faces behind the counter. We pride ourselves on also having regulars eating in our stores. Plus, it’s not uncommon for the owner of a Bagel Boyz store to wander out amongst their customers and pull up a chair so they can have a chat because these customers are family.”

Bagel Boyz – Northlake – Editor’s Pick

Bagel Boyz – Palm Beach Gardens – Editor’s Pick


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