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What Sets Us Apart
We are a family dental practice and start seeing children as young as age 3. Our goal with children is to teach them good home care practices, and prevent dental problems in a warm and caring environment. Positive dental experiences for children help them enjoy their dental checkups and prevents them from developing dental anxiety and fear of the dentist.

For adult patients that do have dental anxiety, we strive our hardest to make their appointment as comfortable as possible, and help them overcome their fear of dentistry.

Dr. Amy always says “You may not like coming to the dentist, but once you have been treated by us, you won’t be afraid to come.”
Seniors that wear removable dentures or partial dentures need regular maintenance for their remaining teeth, evaluation and office relines for their partials and dentures. We do in office relines and repairs. You don’t need to be without teeth to have this done.

Diabetic patients are particularly prone to dental problems such as gum infections, and need more regular dental care. An unknown gum infection can cause your blood sugar level to go up and be more difficult to control. Identifying and resolving these problems helps prevent this problem.

Studies have shown a correlation between Periodontal disease and heart problems and strokes. We evaluate every patient’s periodontal health and design a conservative treatment plan to achieve optimal periodontal health and teach our patients how to maintain it.

Most important, not everyone can afford expensive cosmetic dentistry. This does not mean you, the patient, should not enjoy good dental health, comfort, and a nice smile. There are many treatment options available, and will allow you to achieve a healthy happy smile.

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