With the end of the year approaching, local residents are narrowing their focus on renovations to be ready in time for the rapidly approaching holiday season. One of these home renovations that is sure to not go unnoticed by visiting family and friends is a custom window treatment. Custom Window Décor is based out of Jupiter, Florida and offers a wide variety of custom window treatments, as well as décor. They have been servicing the Jupiter and North Palm Beach County area for over thirteen years. I sat down with Chris, the office manager for Custom Window Décor, and got a quick look into the organization known for their local design work.

Custom Window Décor of Jupiter

Custom Window Décor of Jupiter


Chris, a family friend of the owners of Custom Window Décor, says the organization takes pride in helping customers, and sees the custom window décor as an important facet of interior design. “You’re going into a customer’s home and trying to pick out what’s going to look best for their windows. What we do is interior design work. It’s always a problem solving thing” he explains. It is a problem solving thing indeed. Chris tells us that Custom Window Décor primarily focuses on residential work, and has a price range that accommodates people of all different budgets. “Any price for any budget, affordable or high end, we do it all” he informs us.

With the approaching holiday season, residential services like Custom Window Décor are likely to be expecting a boom of customers over the next two months. However, it is not only the holiday season that is responsible for the high volumes for organizations such as Custom Window Décor. The geographical region, known as a hotbed for real estate, also plays a large part in influencing their target market. “Yes, most definitely” Chris tells us, when asked whether or not the local real estate market influences people to renovate their homes.

Custom Window Décor, a specialized service that offers shades, blinds, custom drapery, and other custom window design, got its start when the owners treated the windows of their very own home and were inspired to start their own business. To date, the most popular package among customers is custom window décor from the Hunter Douglas line. If that intrigues you, you’re in luck.

Custom Window Décor is offering $100 off select Hunter Douglas shades between now and December 11th, 2017. The hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Be sure to inquire.





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