November is National Family Caregivers Month. This week, we sat down with Bernadette Uritis from In-Home Senior Care.

Several years ago Bernadette Uritis, who was living in Pennsylvania, was trying to take care of her parents with home health aides in North Palm Beach County. Unfortunately, many of the people she hired were unreliable or didn’t care about her parents.

So in 2009, Uritis, who was a business professional, decided “enough is enough” and moved down to Palm Beach Gardens and change careers to home health. She received her Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) license and started her business, “In-Home Senior Care.” Besides she became certified in CPA and basic lifesaving methods.

Uritis takes pride in working with the family of patients and goes the extra mile in making sure everything is going well with the patients. Typical tasks include help with daily activities, help running errands or doctor visits, assisting in physical therapy or just taking walks.

Her experience as a child with aging parents living in another state has given her unique experience in dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Bernadette is often the eyes and hears of the child so that they have a clear understanding of their parent’s condition. This allows for greater independence of the patient but also puts the children’s mind at ease.

“Everyone is different,” Uritis said. “Some patients just need an hour or two a week, while others need 24/7 care.” In each instance, she works hard to find the right solution for each patient. She offers a free consultation to make a custom plan for each patient.

Right now she only covers North Palm Beach County, because he wants to assure high-quality care. One advantage to her is that she doesn’t have a minimum hour requirement. Get a free consultation and plan by calling Bernadett at (561) 429-4248.

By staff

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