JUPITER, Fla. – The Palm Beach County Health Department issued an advisory this week warning us that high bacteria levels at two beaches make them unsafe for swimming.

Lake Worth Beach is on that list, but Dubois Park in Jupiter is on the list almost every time it rains.

At Dubois Park, Tina Kraft didn’t know about the advisory.

“Brings down the whole quality of living,” said Kraft.

High bacteria signs are up once again there.

“We get heavy rains like this, it can’t tidal or flush itself out,” said Tim O’Connor with the Palm Beach County Health Department.

Bud Howard with the Loxahatchee River District says the good news is this is not a septic issue and the drainage has improved.

“Palm Beach County did some work here to dredge,” said Howard.

The bad news is the problem still exists. Bud says it’s hard to pinpoint a solution.

“I think the best solution is to understand the science; perhaps have a better test to help us understand the human health hazard,” said Howard.

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